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Hi all! Just a quick update about scheduling, and the timing of the next app window:

The current app window is still open, and will be until Tuesday night Central US time/early Wednesday morning GMT. The intro mingle and jaunt info will follow after that; we're aiming for an eight-day intro mingle, to ease back into the eight-day-jaunt-mingle cycle for Night Falls on Yensid.

The next app round after this one will be held after the December Liminal Space event, rather than immediately after the jaunt ends in November, so people don't have to worry about establishing a new character in the midst of holiday travel.

We'll see you on Wednesday with post-app stuff!
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In light of what looks like a rough, busy week for a lot of people, we're extending our app window this month through 11:59 PM CST on February 10th! For those of you who already got your apps in, no worries, we're reviewing them for acceptance right now. Like, literally right now.

The next plotting post, finale plotting, & the second-to-last mingle of The Harrowing of Harrowgate will be going up later this evening. In the meantime, we hope you enjoy a sneak peek of our next plot:

Doki Doki no Gakuen

In the world of Chikyuumaru, for a generation, people have been finding ways to cope with the mutagenic epidemic called X-Pressure. X-Pressure is unique in that it makes the body more like the mind in unprecedented ways, and over time, the stigma of infection has faded, and people have adapted to the unique abilities left in its wake. Among the most common strains of X-Pressure are Audiocaudal Syndrome - developing animalistic ears and tail - and Ganymede Syndrome - the acceleration or regression of aging processes to leave an individual with a physical & hormonal maturity typical for those between 14 & 18 years old.

But it’s not all bad. A large percentage of people are naturally immune to X-Pressure, and even those affected can lead normal lives - in fact, there are advantages. Social Techniques, or S.Tech, have long been recognized as a powerful advantage in business, politics, romance, and entertainment, but many X-Pressure carriers have a heightened grasp of S.Tech, becoming true adepts, able to use words and gesture to convey their message by manifesting glitter, or hearts, or flower petals, changing the weather around themselves, or in a variety of other ways.

The most elite school for training S.Tech Masters is Heartbeat Academy, or Doki Doki no Gakuen, in the city of Bunkyo, Nihon. Heartbeat Academy teaches all of its students, both the X-Pressure affected and natural adepts, how to harness their feelings and channel them into S.Tech using Emo Medi, or Emotional Meditation, which intensifies and empowers already volatile teenaged emotions, allowing them to cry literal lakes of tears, light fires with anger, brighten dark rooms with joy... Additionally, there is a fine curriculum of politics, economics, psychology, media, philosophy, and domestic studies. It’s a fine place to be… until a highly charged Valentine’s Day disaster threatens to turn everything the students know and cherish amok.

Now, using S. Tech, friendship, and a determined spirits, the students have until White Day to set the universe right again, or their lives may never be the same.
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Hello Synodiporia! A few very quick things, mostly just to touch base with everybody:

1) January's Activity Check is up, and you can find it here.

2) ATP is this weekend, at the very tail end of the month! Please check and post your wanted characters by the 31st so that we can update the roster, and post up our ad to bring more players into the game. Which leads to the next point...

3) The Test Drive Meme will be going up sometime later this week, probably within the next day or two. Tell your friends!

4) The next app round will be February 1st to February 7th. We will not be bringing characters immediately into the game, due to the tail end of the Jaunt, but they will be able to join and participate in time for a small Liminal Space stop (but NOT an event by any means) before we move onto our next planned Jaunt, Doki Doki no Gakuen.

5) Speaking of the end of this Jaunt, we have realized that there will be a need to stop briefly in Liminal Space and we have not accommodated for that appropriately in the schedule. A revised schedule should be up as soon as Matt is feeling a little less sick (and please send him your good thoughts)!

6) Finally, the next plotting post will be up very shortly, sometime tomorrow at the latest.

If you have any questions/comments/concerns, please feel free to post them in the comments below!
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Hello Synodiporia! A few things for everyone:

1) Due to the stress of the holidays on everyone and the mask guessing game we have planned, Activity check will not be due until January 7th at 11:59 PM CST. Activity Check will go up sometime on the 3rd of January. This means that you can focus on tagging this last week of December and not worry about posting AC until we reach 2015!

Any Masquerade threads you link with your mask will count, so feel free to link those anon threads for AC! All comments must be from December, however, to count for this AC. You may, of course, still tag any threads you link after the fact, but we will not be counting those comments for activity purposes. This will also be the first AC we have with the new AC rules in effect, so be sure to familiarize yourselves with the new rules!

2) The mask guessing game will be posted sometime on the 1st of January. It will close the 3rd of January, just in time for Activity Check (so no cheating)! Remember that the three folks who guess the most number of masks correctly will get an extra skill for their trouble!

3) A new test drive will be going up sometime today! Be sure to tell your friends and invite them to post!

4) ATP is this weekend, so if there are characters you want to see in the game, please drop a mention of them on the Wanted Characters page! We'll update the ATP post with our current roster and wanted characters list in time to post it tomorrow.

Feel free to leave any questions down below in a comment. Thank you all and have a happy week!
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So! July State of the Game! We have three announcements, four questions to vote on, and then the floor is open for discussion and questions!

First, we’re aware that the endgame of the Cursed Kingdom plot did not go as smoothly as hoped, and we’re trying new things with how we organize our information and planning to help things go smoother. Unfortunately, to some extent, we always have to wait and see how the this jaunt works to figure out how effective our changes from the last one have been, and we’ve still only got three Jaunts to calibrate our efforts off of. However, your feedback has been really helpful to us, and we hope you’ll keep nudging us in the right direction, so that each Jaunt is smoother than the last.

Second: use your tags! Please be sure to tag a post when you comment on it, as it makes it easier for not only you but your threading partners to track down those threads for AC later. Everyone should be able to create their own tags, and if for some reason the comm won’t let you, ping us and we’ll fix that!

Third, and most lengthy: the game is now capped at 100 characters. We have now put into effect the changes we discussed and voted on last month - please note that these policies can still certainly be shaped by player feedback, but there’s definitely an element of compromise involved - we know that we can’t make everyone happy, but in a plot-focused game, controlling our size is an essential part of making sure everyone can be involved in a plot.

We will be discontinuing the reserves system, and instead only opening app rounds
     a) between Jaunts, rather than monthly,
     b) when there are fewer than 95 active characters in the game.
     & c) when the queue is empty.

In effect, this is a “soft” character cap meant to keep the total number of characters in the game at or below 100. Idled characters who do successful reclaims/dungeon posts will still be allowed in when we are at or over the cap, and in an individual app round, we will accept a number of apps that will bring us to 100 (assuming there are enough apps that meet requirements), and any additional accepted applications may go into a queue, to be introduced into the game between Jaunts as long as we’re under 100 characters. However, if accepting all applications would only put us a few over the cap, we may accept a larger group than normal and trust the normal drop/idle rate to even things out before long.

Additionally, we will be instituting a cap of 3 characters per player, although any players over that cap will be grandfathered in & permitted to keep their present cast (but not allowed to app in above the limit). For players apping their 2nd or 3rd character, we will also be checking to make certain they’re currently meeting our AC standards, ensuring that our players, whether new or old, will be active with their casts.

In light of this system, we’re presently opting to forgo reserves and simply rely on informing people weeks ahead of time when the next app window will be. We will not read and review apps until the window is closed, so rushing to get in first won’t give anyone an extra advantage. We believe that doing things this way encourages new players as well as old, doesn’t lock up the app round with reserves ahead of time, and encourages people to app whoever they feel most passionately about.

If any of this is unclear or if some part of it seems especially problematic to you, please let us know, and we will do whatever we can to clarify matters and address problems. If you think the cap is set too high, that we should still use reserves, that we should change the number of characters a single player can bring in, or anything else, we really want to know. Thank you to everyone whose votes and discussion helped shape this policy.

Now: on to the votes! Voting will be tabulated at 12:01 CST on the morning of July 20th, so you have until then to make up your minds. Unlike previous votes, we’re going to ask that for each question you choose only one option, although you may explain your vote and your reservations or other thoughts at length in the comments afterwards.

”Poll )

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