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Olympus Upended - Jaunt Info

Olympus Upended
A Jaunt through uncharted times in Mythic Greece
April 10 - May 25/26

Sing, O Muse, of the dusk of the Age of Heroes
Of those days when the gods disappeared from the skies
And the sun and the moon and the earth were troubled
By chaos and darkness, fell beasts and foul magic.

A generation past did the walls of Troy fall.
Those great kings and heroes reside now in Hades.
Their children rule but only echo their glory
And divide their empire, the once-great Achaia.

Olympus rises above Iolchis unconquered
Unansw’ring mortal prayer or query, isolate.
At its feet they gather, burning fires, and now dream
Of a climb they will dare, and daring, remedy their questions…

It is a dark time for the Achaians. The capital city of Mycenae has been sacked by the Heraclides, barbarian grandchildren of the Olympian god of strength, and no central rule has risen up to replace the shattered House of Atreus. The Pythia, snake-priestess of Delphi, has declared that this is the last year of the Age of Heroes, and no-one is certain what Age will follow after, or what the end of an age means.

Weeks ago, earthquakes, whirlpools, and tidal waves began to trouble the coastline. The sun and moon became irregular in their courses, causing days of burning drought to be followed by blizzards, disordering the tides. Some days the sun is dim and sullen, other days unbearable. Mountains spew fire and liquid rock, crevices open in the earth and breathe forth foul gasses - all signs indicate that Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades are all wrathful, and that something ails both Apollo and Artemis. But no oracles or prophecies reveal how their favor was lost, or how it can be regained.

Across the land, the powers of the gods have begun manifesting in unsuspecting hands, unfamiliar places. The gods have chosen heroes to empower in times past, but always they gave a little instruction as well, and now that is missing, and their gifts seem to be scattered at random.

In the city of Iolchis, which lies near to the foothills of Mount Olympus, new heroes, foreign travelers, sages, priests, and kings all gather to consult with one another. What do these disasters and omens mean? What should be done? Already, there is talk of daring blasphemy - of attempting to climb the heights of Olympus and laying these troubles directly at the feet of the gods. Such a thing has never been successfully accomplished, and all who tried in the past were struck down. But now… can any other measure save Achaia?

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Shinji will be one of your Disguised Titans for this venture. :D
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Korra will be the Hot-Blooded Archer! :D
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Kazuichi will be the Lethian Foundling
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Jun is the Heir of Iolchis!
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Beatrice will be your Necromancer for the evening!

Not like this is basically her job in canon or anything!
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Rosalie is the Pythian Oracle.
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Minerva is the Shrewd Magistrate. And named Agoraea because obviously Minerva was RIGHT OUT.
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Allura (aka Nike for this Jaunt) will be your Diminished Immortal.