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Lightside/Darkside Final Summary

Week 1:

Twilight Hall opens to booming business, thanks in no small part to the investigators’ arrival; a number of them notice the physical effort the Trumps have put into their blending in almost immediately, with Souji raising the matter on the network. Natsumi organises a more structured check-in, in which people begin pooling what little information they have so far.

Thorn, as usual, is spreading conspiracy theories to anyone who will listen (and, in fact, a number of folks who won’t). Nio is super pleased with all the business his new headquarters is getting; the guy his grandfather ousted, though, not so much. Beatrice goes about her usual errands. Verena, still adjusting to the equipment that allows her to conduct her tithe-finding duties, starts keeping an eye out for an appropriate mark, and interrogates a detainee. Huxian muddles through his exams by day and goes exploring by night. Ellen checks out the Dusk District’s celebrations, and may or may not be keeping an eye out for a certain someone.

Ammy finishes her day’s work and flirts with her girlfriend. Daneel is both infiltrating and not again, for the first time since Nova Venezia. Tomi leaves a friendly message for the Darksider busker who takes her corner during the night. Hoban closes up shop and looks for a courier. Isolda is out at all times of day and night, looking for trouble to stop. Branwen does her best to teach herself how to maneuver at night. Zed gets stuck out rather later than he should be. A pair of masked figures make their way around town during daylight hours. City council is not having an official meeting this week, but is still open for business, with Dara there to keep an ear out.

Orion chases some inspiration, and Cor has a lot of fun minding the children in his care for the night. Almast is hard at work. Ciara regrets everything about signing up for early-evening classes. Melissa does her best to keep her own reputation running smoothly, despite her sister’s tendency toward conspiracy-spouting. Rosalie engages folks in engineering debates. Cana does a lot of reading. Melisande and her family prepare for an evening out, something complicated by her son’s cross-circadian status. Eshar slips out to do a little investigating while his family sleeps. Virva takes the night shift at the apothecary. Kastor performs at the cafe. Thaan mans his bookstore, and is certainly not getting up to Shenanigans in his spare time. Minerva keeps an eye on nightly affairs. Jescha attempts to keep the peace.

Jaina wonders why Yoda keeps popping up everywhere but space. Phillip is weirded out by Infiltrator Knowledge suddenly being a thing he can do, but puts both the information and his polymorph form to good use. Elphaba revels in not standing out by being green for once, and drags Drizzt and Zak into a poorly-planned tabletop session cover story. Cassandra, on the other hand, is baffled by how much she doesn’t stand out. While Drizzt is left to his own devices, he does his best to catalog January’s local flora - and gets arrested. Right pokes his nose into the opera house, and is weirded out by Zed’s overlay’s favorite writing topic. Jules gets on the road to Another Magnificent Investigation. Matthew has his first proper run-in with Cassandra; the Angels, after her overlay draining their life force in Newport, are understandably spooked. Rorschach adjusts to his very first investigation. Kinji screws up. Maria takes advantage of her Ganymede Syndrome form to eat lots of candy. Steph nopes out.

Week 2:

The Centennial Concert is quite an affair, but far from the only thing going on. Murmurs of discontent are somewhat more obvious than usual, and a number of interesting things have begun to come to light (so to speak).

Matthew, after some prodding to do the thing by Naoki, summons the spirit of one of January’s plague doctors to get to the bottom of this forbidden history, uncovering several bombshells in the process - not only about the plague, but about the ‘tithe to Hell.’ Turns out he’s found out just in time to explain Maria’s daytime headaches, as well as a few other people’s sudden vision sensitivities. Naoki recruits Helena and Minako to help him do some Science and reverse-engineer the plague test based on instructions Matthew got from the spirit.

Phillip sneaks Jaina into the opera for a date. Han hopes this rebellion, if it comes to pass, doesn’t get as ridiculous as the last one he was neck-deep in. Elphaba has lost control of her life. Jules is mistaken for a set piece. Drizzt attempts to keep his head down, now that he’s out of jail. Daneel is somewhat surprised to find himself enjoying the opera. Between trying to dig up information on the plague the long way, Helena finds herself trying to write a plausible wedding ceremony. Minako looks for a job. Ambrose attempts to join Daneel in ‘halfiltrating,’ but things don’t quite go according to plan. Toby continues her research on local matters.

Ciara gets an unusual project from her brother, leading them to wonder if Thorn was right for once after all. For his part, Thaan is looking to keep this new revelation quiet, at least for now - though his friends and business/shenanigans associates deserve to know, if only so they can take full advantage of the situation. Huxian starts looking for help getting visual confirmation on some unusual traffic he’s overheard at night. Dara goes about council business, while Melissa, Zoe and Minerva attempt to do some preemptive damage control. Roderik goes digging for information on the Dusklings’ recent land acquisitions. Nio enjoys the hell out of the opera. Verena continues her tithe-related inquiries.

The concert is a popular spot for dates. Mani puts off going home as long as possible. Kastor, inspired by the opera, starts casting about for interest in a 24-hour concert by and for everyone. Bird gets a rare day out.

Week 3:

The Tinkers’ Faire brings with it all sorts of shopping opportunities, but it’s far from the only thing going on in January.

Matthew looks for information to better arm himself for sneaking into the city council building, in an effort to find out whether the old quarantine is still necessary; Toby and Tybalt invite themselves along, after which Toby provides an update. Poor Daneel, having watched Ambrose disappear in his botched attempt to pull off an infiltrator persona, alerts the network. Naoki gets the Science ball rolling. Han tries to figure out what’s up with the guarded facility. Lyall is stuck minding a table as part of his apprenticeship. Jolie continues snooping about on Verena’s behalf. Jaina is just plain loving the faire. Jules freaks out about Thorn’s broadsheet and stakes out the guarded facility. Kenzaki seems to be having tremendous difficulty with his lifestyle. Maria goes shopping and tries to get Matthew to teach her to make her own candy. Cassandra does her best to keep an eye on her friends.

Ciara splits a table with Iza, with a little help from his sisters. Melisande procures some goods for Imri. Ammy staffs a table for the liquor store, does a little shopping… and runs into her birth brother. Kastor’s attention is mainly focused on getting the 24-hour concert off the ground, with a daytime assist from Tomi. Almast spends more time looking at other people’s work than manning his own table. Cor ambushes him with small children. Later, Almast discusses going on the Duskling diet, inspired by some information from Kenzaki. Nio has lunch with his grandfather, and helps get the wedding organised. Phadrig wheels and deals, as is his standard. Beatrice takes full advantage of the faire’s business opportunities, and gets an eye on the results of the guarded facility’s work. Roderik stakes out the guarded facility, in return for Huxian taking up the digging-through-paperwork he’d rather not do himself. Dara runs errands, including one she hopes she won’t have to run again. Iza is more than a little dumbfounded by his success at the faire. Thorn is feeling the effects of the Duskling diet, and eventually confronts Melissa over her involvement in the cover-up. Tobi helps Matthew distribute some information. Atos gets arrested. Ellen loses control of his temper, accidentally scaring his girlfriend in the process.

And then, of course, there’s Elphaba and Zak’s wedding, in which drinks are drunk (or not until well after the ceremony, if you’re Jules), a good time is had by all, and a surprise officiant steals Helena’s ceremonial duties…

Week 4:

Before the council meeting even gets off the ground, quite a bit of information gets around town, in the form of Matthew’s amassed documentation about the council’s misdeeds and deception, and in the form of the recreated plague test, allowing people to check themselves for infection. Between the two, the council ends up facing a shitstorm of epic proportions.

The various council members do their best to weather the initial onslaught before retreating to an emergency meeting, in which Councilor Fudge is suspended for his bribe-taking and a response is hashed out. The response amounts to speeding up the council’s original reintegration timeline since there’s no getting around the public outcry, conducting mandatory, more formal infection testing, and making a list of rehomed children available to affected families. Roderik petitions to dismantle the Dusk District on account of the shady dealings that created it, and to at least get his house back. Isolda wants answers. Jaina uses ‘what would Mom do’ to keep from Hating Politics. Ellen is not what you’d call best pleased with the news of the food additives.

Almast and Cor have Kenzaki over for dinner, in part to discuss the results of their diet switch; when the documents hit, Almast talks Cor out of charging to Dawn Park to overthrow the council. Phillip helps deliver test kits. Mr. Sparkles breaks out of Liminal Space. Nio jumps directly into leading a protest, without thinking that not everyone would necessarily want him to be the face of such a movement. Kastor focuses his energy on the 24-hour concert. Beatrice tries to figure out if her life is over. With his immediate needs sorted out and a promise that Twilight Hall’s ownership will be thoroughly investigated, Roderik feeds some pigeons as a sort of thank-you to the guy who made it possible. Iza is feeling conflicted, but not about the council revelations. Huxian sheds his Darksider guise for an evening. Melisande and her family try to figure out what to make of all these revelations, while enjoying the knowledge that Imri won’t be taken away from them now.

Week 5:

Samhain celebrations go off without a hitch this year, and are accompanied by the council-sanctioned testing stations to start making sure the plague is well and truly gone. There’s also the 24-hour concert; while it has a somewhat different tone than it might have if all this drama hadn’t come to light, it’s still a celebration of the things that make January unique - and if Kastor and Ammy have anything to say about it, it won’t be the last such ‘get to know your cross-‘sider neighbors’ event.

Ammy helps advertise Prince Liquors’ Duskling-safe stock, and tops off the recent changes in her life with a proposal. Matthew is preemptively/perpetually homesick. Zoe is extremely busy trying to make sure the reintegration process goes as smoothly as possible. Huxian finds himself at loose ends. Drizzt is going to miss blending in among other elves for once. Ellen, having smoothed things over with Mitsuki and started the Duskling diet, is taking full advantage of being able to go outside in the light. Thorn is planning an expedition into the Federation of Hel’s greater territory, the better to see whether the other cities are still standing and look for her previously-tithed boyfriend.

Verena sets her tithing sights on one Romulus Silverman, breaking the tradition of keeping the choice quiet in order to find out who may have legitimate claims on businesses he usurped over the centuries. Of course, there’s no question that the Moonlight/Twilight Lodge was unfairly stolen, so one of her first post-tithe orders of business is returning the deed to Roderik. Nio isn’t remotely sure what to make of all this upheaval in his life.
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Re: Additions/Corrections

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Do you think the interrogates a detainee part should come after Drizzt gets arrested? Just curious, because the timeframes could be misread as flipped by how it's ordered now.

But otherwise this is awesome!!
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Your summary writer clarifies: These things are rarely completely chronological. the interrogation is listed with Verena's other activities, as a way of highlighting 'yo these are your plot-role people,' especially in the first week. Otherwise, I tend to bunge things in as they get posted, and the first week's also split into 'plot roles, Lightsiders, Darksiders, and investigators.'
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Thank you for the explanation! I'm good!

Also why did you highlight Drizzt being happy that he blends with other elves, now my heart hurts again, ilu.