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CODE OF DISHONOR: A ninja/wuxia Jaunt.

Code of Dishonor

March 15th-April 19th

The True-Named Empire is vast and complex, unifying many clans, many cultures. To keep its unruly backcountry regions in check, political exiles are sent to live in the provinces of their most ancient and implacable enemies. Thus is rebellion prevented, and balance maintained.

The Bando Peninsula is home to three provinces seeded with dissidents, rules by the Bando Shogun. Splinter sects of religious groups, former revolutionary armies, and those contaminated by foreign notions via trade are all shut behind the same frontier wall in a dry, mountainous coastal region.

While these microcultures struggle, forced to compete for imperial favor to survive, the Empire prepares to invade a kingdom across the sea. For that, it will need elite marines to be the first and most disposable shock troops off their vessels, and so the three Bando provinces are turned to. One province will supply the troops, at the Bando Shogun’s discretion. And those troops will return home with one fifth of all the treasure taken in the war. Despise the mainland as they might, no one here can risk their rivals gaining that kind of advantage over them… and so, before long, more blood than snow will be shed on the slopes of these unhappy mountains...

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