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Lightside/Darkside jaunt info

a clockpunk/fantasy jaunt
September 15-October 25

Tensions are brewing in the elven city of January, renowned for its intricate clockwork technology. Long ago, a plague struck, leaving in its wake a unique cultural divide between day and night; Lightsiders, those on the city streets from sunrise to sunset, have no night vision whatsoever, and Darksiders, their nocturnal counterparts, are so light-sensitive that the slightest bit of illumination renders them blind. At dawn and twilight, both groups can see equally clearly - which is ‘not well at all,’ but it’s better than nothing, allowing an hour or two of overlap, if necessary.

This division has by no means prevented communication or even connections across communities, by way of codes, couriers, or sound-carrying vents and grilles, nor does it stop the most adventurous from exploring as best they can, but only foreigners or Dusklings, rare members of the community seemingly unaffected by light levels, truly have the freedom to move about as they will.

But rebellion is forming on the edges of this strictly divided society, and the recent establishment and expansion of a Duskling district isn’t exactly helping matters. The cause is unclear, but many people blame the sudden influx of Dusklings for loss of land, among other problems. If these two separate-yet-not communities don’t learn about each other quickly, January may be done for at any time of day or night…

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