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Something for everyone, a summary tonight

Roman Holiday: Final Summary

Week 1:

It’s clear from the beginning that this is going to be rather more mundane than your typical jaunt. The investigators start marshaling their forces, once those best equipped to help gain their emotional bearings. Leo provides everyone with some basic time-and-place information (but can’t save Souji from discovering he is not, in fact, in a maid cafe the hard way); Feliciano likewise offers to help people come up with passable Roman names. In Leo’s update, some discontented rumblings about the presence of slavery in this world take place, but no (immediate) action is taken; a longer-term plan may develop, though.

Unfortunately, neither of them could have quite predicted Faed’s predicament.

Elsewhere in Stabiae, Eli takes in the scenery, leaving the swimming to less self-conscious people. Beatrix passes Lemuria with some private company, and Attius adds an extra remembrance in honor of his sister. Gaudelenus regales anyone who will listen with war stories. Naoto does not think much of starting out in the baths, and takes advantage of Zed’s wheeling and dealing to get herself and Souji somewhere to stay for the duration of the jaunt. Eren is really fucking excited to see the ocean in person. Ambrosius offers to tell fortunes for passersby. Minako, unfortunately, is finding this whole thing rather the opposite of relaxing. Saul scrambles to get his bearings, perhaps unsurprisingly having good luck among the bookies. Carolina throws a party, the better for her sister to meet the guy their parents have set her up with.

Phillipus is Quite Put Out at being forbidden to impress Junia’s family - but not, it’s important to note, from courting her. Junia herself wants nothing to do with her family’s idea of appropriate suitors (and she’s not the only one completely done with the parties before they’re over). Chloe, meanwhile, isn’t even putting on a front of propriety, instead chopping her hair off and hanging around with charioteers late into the night - and finding an extremely last-ditch solution to her best friend’s need for a husband. (There are more promising prospects out there, though.) The Cassius family do their best to keep up appearances. Senator Spurius isn’t hosting this week, but still makes his presence known. Antamonides makes the most of his day off, despite not really knowing what to do with one; he’s much more comfortable talking up his master’s business on regular work days. Gratia does her best to mark the holidays without her daughter’s help.

Week 2:

The next week brings partying, and a lot of it. Infiltrators and investigators alike throw their own bashes alongside the public celebrations; Tick-Tock’s is notable as an opportunity for the investigators to pool the information they have so far.

Attius and Servia have a chat about his last-resort offer to marry her, if she and her family (and Chloe) can’t rustle up a candidate who could also bail her parents out of trouble. Remus attends the parties out of duress, and meets a handsome stranger. Zo is still scheming to get herself and her babydaddy to freedom, if she can pull it off. Senator Spurius is ever fishing for new and advantageous deals. Cassia tries to train herself to handle the unseasonal heat. Chloe crashes every meat table she can plausibly get herself next to. Asha is none too pleased about being shopped out to possible gladiatorial work. Junia attends two parties at once: the one she’s expected to be at, and the one Phillipus is at. Secundus is, of course, all up in the chariot races. Gratia doesn’t host, but makes the rounds at other people’s parties. Servia’s parents are Totally Not Starting To Panic, Whatever Would Give You That Impression. Carolina throws a more public party than her last. Antamonides has a talk with his master about their future plans.

Neeshka takes advantage of the chaos to get a little pickpocketing in… and starts looking for Sabetha, who seems to have disappeared entirely. (She has, in fact - to Belljar, courtesy of the Travelers’ first ever Liminal Bridge.) Zed continues his likely-dubious deals, going to a chariot race for the irony and way, way overindulging. Davesprite gets quite a sunburn. Feliciano makes the most of the festivals as an opportunity to gather information - and gets a traditional Roman welcome in the baths. Naoto is all over the place, including a temple, praying for direction (which nets her several useful conversations, as it happens). Faed, still trying to get his bearings, engages in a few ‘drinking contests’ and looks for one of his few friends among the Travelers. Cassandra feels really, really out of place. Saul decides to help Phillipus out by running a con (how else?). Eren runs into a slight difficulty on the beach, and takes it upon himself to tell Mikasa about the slavery situation so she doesn’t go on a rampage. The plotting to free some of the slaves, whether Zed’s plan to buy out Zo and her family in particular or Eren and company’s rigged-gladiator-fight shenanigans, continues apace.

Week 3:

The volcano decides to make its presence known with a little rumbling, unsettling visitors (especially Feliciano, before he and Leo head out of town) but mostly passing for business as usual among the locals. The gladiators are generally not fussed by the rain; neither is Remus, but he is supremely fussed by the news that his cousin’s arranged a marriage for him; Servia, though, is rather happier with it. Eli paints some portraits over the course of the week. Phillipus attempts to work out his next steps with Junia. Ambrosius makes a major push to read some auspices, and settles Asha into her new routine. Gratia is unnerved by the volcano’s rumblings. Chloe throws a party to celebrate Servia’s engagement, and to try to introduce Corvus to some new friends certainly not to celebrate their budding criminal enterprise, what gave you that idea. She even nets herself a rather more casual proposal in the process.

Zed makes good on his plan to buy Zo and a few of her compatriots; when the sale’s done, he throws a party. Naoto enjoys the rain, if not the tremors, and has a herd of cats to work around (thanks, Souji). Davesprite is left unattended, with Feli gone - what could possibly go wrong. Right wonders if the unusually low tide might indicate a tsunami, and runs afoul of some suspicious generosity. Saul is not terribly fond of any of this weather.

Week 4:

The Fishermen’s Games certainly aim to live up to their reputation, whether in the combat ring or at one of several dozen fish fries. It’s the last chance for fortunes to be made or lost, and many people jump at the opportunity.

Chloe introduces her mother to her prospective suitor, Corvus. Carolina gets some good news from an old-school pregnancy test. Marcus celebrates his family’s change of fortunes. Remus, though not feeling all that celebratory about said change of fortunes himself, still takes some time to get to know Servia. Asha is still reeling from her own change in circumstance; for that matter, so is Danielus. Phillipus makes one last push to win Junia’s parents’ good graces.

Enjolras does what he can to help free a few slaves, while they’re there; so does Eren, by directly engaging in some matches. Zed pops down to Pompeii to check out the gladiating, even though none of his new (and soon to be free) acquisitions are directly involved. Naoto wins one of the swimming races, and… introduces a temple cook to the concept of sushi. (oops?)

While the return to Liminal Space is rather abrupt, and may owe more to events on the walkabout than any proper conclusion, there’s at least no apparent upset on the Trumps’ part, and everyone can rest in the knowledge they did a little good here.