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Code of Dishonor: Final Summary


Week 1:

Arrival is so scattered that it takes the investigators a while to figure out they aren’t, in fact, the ones on walkabout. Alcuin arranges the check-in, shares a visual of a map he bought, and learns about volcanoes and tsunamis. Ambrose shares a revelation he had shortly after arrival: They’ve been here before… kind of. Considering this mission’s nowhere near Mermaidville, though, it’s unlikely to be more than a data point about where the Trumps have sent them. Wash has a vested interest in finding Zoe before she goes into labor; the good news for him is that she’s here, but the bad news is she’s infiltrating.

In Nakumatou: Chiyo is worried about the summit, with good reason given Masshuu’s attitude toward the living lately; Ridou offers to have a chat with him when he returns. That won’t solve the problem of the Empire wanting the provinces to wipe each other out so they can make the remnants cannon fodder elsewhere on the probably-false promise of glory and riches, though. Ridou himself is busy helping the new arrivals settle in and overseeing his apprentice. Raidou is unsettled by the Sun Temple’s similarities to all the issues he just had shoved in his face by his dungeon, but agrees to help Chiyo keep an eye out for the right person to possibly unite the provinces against the Empire.

In Koroshima: Tatsutomo is busy looking for a rogue. Near attracts some possibly-unpleasant attention from Hajime and Mari. Mifeng is just hoping the summit doesn’t blow up in her face, and Hajime is decidedly grumpy. Sora wants to be anywhere but in town while the summit’s on. Mari and her guardians are out on the town. Masshuu’s apprentices have their hands full trying to keep him on-topic; so does poor Jules (who’s generally having bad luck with people who habitually check rooftops), after Masshuu interrogates him with a little help from an extremely bloodthirsty spirit. Jules takes to the network to warn people away from him.

At… least he didn’t create a repeat of Nova Venezia? He did, however, lose his tail in the encounter, and Masshuu tasks his apprentices with figuring out WTF is up with it. Masshuu also has a word with the local Dragons about some new Dragons in the area… of unbound shrine and unknown element. That’s interesting. When he’s done chatting with them, he talks to Mifeng about their request for a new shrine.

In Nakamiyo: Neeshka doesn’t take kindly to the assumption that she’s here to enlist in anything; Kanji, on the other hand, figures someone of the investigators ought to do the thing, which will possibly bode well for Toshi’s fighting force. Wash gets started on his way up to Koroshima, with a little help from… a man-sized weasel and a small nation? Ren is challenging all comers, though not many dare to fight him. Jirou prays for victory at the shrine… and gets an interesting response. Raito’s prayers for his family’s safety are likewise answered, but not by the same entity.

Izanami claims first blood of the jaunt when Bai accidentally soils her kimono (Istas will no doubt be pleased to have loosed carnage, when this is all over). His family is none too pleased by this; nor is Byerly himself upon his revival in Liminal Space, with a side of giving the Inaba kids a good scare when he identifies his murderer. By does, at least, bring some useful information about the circumstances behind the summit with him.

The summit, meanwhile… gets off to a rocky start, to say the least. Given that, the prospects for a non-bloodshed outcome are slim. Still, some consideration is given to the merits of settling this by contest rather than unmitigated bloodshed.

Near the end of the week, Byerly organises an update for the investigators. Jean offers some (mis?)information from the summit, and Kanji has an Idea.

Week 2:

Just when it looks like the summit might draw to a peaceable accord, tragedy strikes in the form of a dead Sun Guard member (who spent some time haunting Hajime) and a dead Nakamiyo woman (who will not be reappearing in Liminal Space). The delegations disband and head home to make their preparations.

In Nakumatou: The Sun Guard delegation stops on its way home for some dragon-summoning practice. Ridou is not pleased by the news from the summit; after wrangling military authority away from Masshuu, he sets out to other provinces, to see if he can find anyone who might be suitable for Chiyo’s ideas of unification. Kanji puts his idea into action, finding himself at the monastery before he knows it - he doesn’t stay long, though. Ritsuki turns to the dragons for advice. Makoto hears from a dragon(?) before seeking asylum from the Sun Guard. After unsolicited advice from An and Chiyo insisting on the whole story, Masshuu takes it upon himself to pester a couple of the new arrivals about the dragons native to their homelands. Naoki deflects him with what it sounds like he means, then reports this line of questioning to the network, along with the suspicion that what he really means is Trumps.

In Koroshima: Hajime’s pretty displeased about being haunted, taking a little time to berate a former associate. He and Mifeng also have a chat about current events - one that may not bode so well for the Sun Guard. A mysterious dragon helps him shake off the spirits Masshuu set to haunt him. Jules, making terrible use of a drink he got from Naoki to calm his nerves, manages to get himself arrested by Mifeng; when he takes his whining to the network, the other investigators are less than impressed. Jean runs afoul of Mari, reporting the matter on the network after he revives. Sora gets a warning about the new dragons - which is promptly interrupted by one of them...

In Nakamiyo: Raidou, having had quite enough of the Sun Temple’s resemblance to his home issues, rolls into Mibu to check up on the Sentai family on Byerly’s behalf. He’s just in time for shit to get real; once the delegation’s back in town, Izanami hosts a meeting in which plans are made, secrets are revealed, stabbings happen, and new alliances are forged. (And there’s a panty raid. Kotei, why.) Cassandra, with some encouragement from Byerly, takes on the duty of Jules-minding; we all owe her a great debt.

Week 3:

Another week, more problems; the native dragons are starting to get restless on account of the interlopers, and tensions are high all across the peninsula even without natural disasters. As the shogun’s deadline approaches, chaos is a sure bet.

In Nakumatou: Before Ridou sets out on his diplomacy mission, Makoto gives him some interesting information regarding Hajime’s dealings with the shogun - namely, that he’s been trapped into obeying the Empire’s orders. Souji decides to have a word with dragons/Trumps, as only he can; Alcuin likewise settles in and gives the shrine a visit. Chiyo returns from her travels just in time to learn that Jeina’s brothers have been kidnapped right out from under everyone’s noses; Jeina herself wastes no time in preparing a rescue mission to Koroshima.

In Koroshima: Poor Sora can’t get away from familiar faces - even ones that should by all rights be dead and in another province… nor from interrupting Trumps, it seems. Hajime and Mifeng aren’t necessarily thrilled with Ridou’s efforts at diplomacy, but he makes the attempt anyway. Hajime is also Totally Not Troubled by all this elemental unrest, Whatever Would Give You That Idea. Raidou really, really hates Questing Sense. Ambrose and Usagi run afoul of the elemental upheaval, and are stuck until Daneel and Konchu can come get them out. Afterward, Ambrose decamps to Liminal Space to rest up.

Zoe has her baby girl! Both Wash and the local midwife are pleased by this turn of events (wait, is that the local midwife?).

In Nakamiyo: Feliciano is kind enough to relay some of last week’s meeting’s contents to the network, including the assassination of the Gyakusatsu family head. Izanami prays for vengeance on the people mistreating her daughter, only to have vengeance for Bai’s murder swiftly delivered upon her. Masshuu, busy setting spirit spies throughout the peninsula and visiting shrines for more on these busybody non-elemental dragons, discovers Kenni and Sachiko aren’t bound to Hajime anymore… and also catches Jules with his pants down (Jules then decides nowhere but Liminal Space is safe). On top of that, he finds out from the dragons just where his daughter’s been hiding.

Jean has a run-in with Ren and Mikasa and gets killed… again. For his own part, Ren is making the most of his disownment and calling for the provinces to unite against the Empire - something that’s extremely relevant to Chiyo’s interests. Upon revival, Istas is none too pleased about not staying dead, and sets about carnage - against the Shinjuu for their treatment of Mari, and against the shrine where she was marked. (Naoki talks her out of carnage on the shrine, since its rightful resident isn’t responsible for the mark and that really wouldn’t help matters, but isn’t about to try interfering with carnage on the Shinjuu.)

The Mibugumi, Lady Yuki and a group of investigators look into the mysterious and fiery demise of Higura Village. Varric reports the findings to the network, and BOY DO THEY BODE ILL. When his army group gets there to investigate, Kanji puts his green magic to use again to provide everyone with a literal bird’s-eye view. After that initial report, a survivor emerges...

Week 4:

As the tax convoys roll out and one more investigator decides only Liminal Space is safe, tensions among the provinces are ratcheting even higher. Is all hope for a peaceful resolution lost?

In Nakumatou: Chiyo has a visit from Ren, his fiancee, and the remaining Sentai brothers to talk rebellion. She also gets a chance to examine Raito’s ‘dragon’ tattoo, and is very puzzled by it - but not nearly as confused as she is by Kotei’s. Saya arrives from Higura, hoping to find a welcoming home at last. Jeina decides to stay home, on the grounds that her brothers apparently can’t be left unsupervised. Istas and Mari come looking for Ren, leaving carnage in their wake (of course).

In Koroshima: Mifeng, having been offered alliances from pretty much every possible side, isn’t sure what to do - though she settles against throwing the Rifles’ lot in with the Akuryu. Sora feels trapped no matter where she is (including when she heads off to the summit), since her father’s more than likely catching up to her. Souji goes to see if there’s anything of note in the burned village from week 2. Byerly attempts to spy on the Akuryu; it does not go well, and then Masshuu steps in. Upon… revival (?????), By reports his current state to the network, also providing an opportunity for investigators to update each other on their status where they have anything new to report. Konchu sets out to make amends for the damage he had to do to the shrine to free Ambrose and Usagi… who might be planning to leave.

In Nakamiyo: Naoki and Kanji try to see if they can pick up a trail from Higura Village and track down the attackers. The good news is that the luck boost Jules gave Naoki for healing his leg seems to have paid off; the… less-good news is that it did so in the form of the attackers forgetting to pick up horse poop, but hey, a trail’s a trail. Kanji passes this discovery on to his CO. Feliciano prays for guidance before heading north.

On the road to the Shogun’s place: Hajime isn’t exactly looking forward to the Shogun’s summit. Ridou isn’t either, if more because he’s half expecting to be tossed in jail after the tax is handed over - but Naoki does pass on his tidbit about the horse excrement. Masshuu catches up with Sora, and once he gets to the palace, asks the dragons what it is they keep trying to tell her. (Well, he tries to, anyway.) Arashi discusses the findings from Higura with Ridou. Raidou tags along with the Sun Guard delegation, ultimately learning a couple interesting things about the basement, and sneaks off to Liminal Space to see how Sabetha’s holding up after her overlay’s untimely demise. Jules does the one thing he’s unquestionably good at and plays statue.

Week 5:

Not only does the Shogun finally grant audiences to those who have come with the tax convoys, he deploys troops against the provinces. Two out of three missions appear to be peaceful, but the third…

At the palace: Before the audience, Lady Yuki chooses a side. The Shogun’s audiences have varied results, as one might expect. Hajime volunteers the Akuryu as a fighting force, as expected; Ridou, on the other hand, opts to lay out the wrongs committed against the peninsula by the Empire, in the hopes the Shogun has enough remaining decency to back him up (spoilers: he doesn’t). Mifeng and Arashi back him up, the former expecting to be assassinated by Hajime before the meeting’s over anyway - sadly, she’s right, but Sora (after a chat with her father about the dragons) quickly revives her. Hajime soon faces Masshuu’s wrath for his trouble (more because he saw Masshuu and Sora together than anything else); Byerly and Jules keep everyone on the network updated about this turn of events.

Meanwhile, Ridou gets tossed into jail along with Arashi, only to be busted out the next day by Tama, Masshuu and… Hajime? Byerly informs Masshuu both of the impending assault on the Sun Temple and of one of Raidou’s discoveries in the basement - a piece of which now appears to be missing. Raidou uses the cover of the audience to steal the scroll that’s still there, before lighting out to the Sun Temple to assist in the fray. Taking advantage of the chaos sown by Masshuu setting the palace on fire, Lady Yuki makes her move. The Shogun falls, dropping the second dragon scroll in the process... and Yuki proceeds to strike a deal.

In Nakumatou: As soon as it becomes apparent the force moving in on the Sun Temple is one with intent to attack and too big for its commander to be assuming the Sun Guard will survive, Chiyo springs into action to mobilise defenses, and finally loses her patience with the Prequel Trilogy council temple Masters. Alcuin raises the alarm on the network immediately, and the investigators start their own preparations, discovering they’re woefully short-handed in the remote-portals department. Saya takes the news as confirmation that she’s a bad omen and tries to sneak out; once talked out of that, though, she throws herself into helping defend her new home. Istas gets in some pre-emptive carnage, and as disturbed as she was by reviving after her overlay’s death, doesn’t let a little thing like dying again slow her down. Feliciano takes out his ire over the death of innocents on the soldiers, too. Ritsuki rushes back after seeing the soldiers roll out, and throws one last desperate prayer at the dragons - any dragons.

Neeshka takes a post on the temple walls. Naoki, once he gets there, devotes some energy to making instant moats, and keeps the healing steady when the fighting begins. Jeina attempts a desperate gambit, and gets to witness Souji summoning Mara (thanks, Souji). Ed does his best to avoid delivering a killing blow to any of the soldiers. Alcuin falls in a futile attempt to keep one of the Masters alive in the face of some intruders. Ren proves himself a true member of the Gyakusatsu clan, at least in one sense. Kotei busts out the temple’s collection of fireworks. Saya, having been inspired by Kotei playing with fire, makes a more lethal application of her plant knowledge than usual. Raidou and Kohryu roll up, stopping long enough to hide the imperial dragon’s scroll and zap some soldiers, respectively, before returning to the Shogun’s for the Sun Guard delegation.

Eventually, it becomes clear that the temple was far better prepared for a fight than the Sentinels were expecting, and the immediate threat ends. Chiyo, not trusting that to be the end of the matter, keeps things running smoothly, including a show of mercy for the fallen soldiers - though that’s as much about keeping them from reporting back to the Shogun as anything else. Masshuu doesn’t much care for being cooped up while his injured leg heals; neither do the Dragons, but they at least aren’t restricted to Masshuu’s body all the time. Ridou goes looking for updates - and gets stuck with the duty of asking Travelers what exactly they’re up to, since Chiyo doesn’t want to press and doesn’t want Masshuu anywhere near the job, given his tendency to kill people first and ask questions afterward. Alcuin sticks to Liminal Space, as he’d stand out slightly if he tried returning. Raito is badly injured, but glad he’s still alive, at least. Sabetha tries (and fails) to avoid being mistaken for a ghost by her late overlay’s siblings.

In Koroshima: Zoe decides to get while the getting’s good, taking the midwife and Wash with her. After reviving from his overlay’s death and busting Ridou out of jail, Hajime takes out his frustration on the roadblocks.

In Nakamiyo: Kanji resists the urge to go tearing off to the Sun Temple, on the grounds that Mibu’s liable to end up needing its own help. Jirou is determined to help keep the peace, even (or is it especially?) if that’s against the Empire’s own forces. Tatsutomo manages to blow his own cover, kicking off some trouble with the imperial force, who are ready to blame Suzume for their comrade’s death. Fortunately, Arashi comes back to help her people out - after hearing about the force sent after the Sun Guard, she wasn’t expecting things to stay calm everywhere else. Kanji alerts the investigators to the new trouble in case any of them can be spared to help, and Sabetha insists that people come to her for remote-portal lessons when this is all over, to ease travel in future situations like this.

The End:

Once it becomes clear the Shogun is dead, the imperial forces - what remains of them, anyway, after various attacks and attrition in all three provinces - withdraw. At the Sun Temple, Ridou and Ritsuki get married, and the Masters finally get around to promoting people, Chiyo and Ridou included. Makoto heads back to Koroshima, and Sora returns to the Rifles - for now, at least. It was probably a win, though for which of the jaunt’s sponsors - or whether both are claiming a victory - is unclear.