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Jack of Spades Walkabout!

The Jack of Spades

An Ace of Spades prequel

March 16th-April 19th

The year is 1928. Just off the Narrows Strait in New York there’s a pair of neighborhoods called Bensonhurst & Gravesend, just north of Coney Island Amusement Park. It’s a quiet part of town when the mobsters and molls aren't gunning each other down, and right now it's quiet enough to hear a pin drop. Folks are a little nervy, but the neighboring outfits - one per hood - are both making a good profit, so why spoil anybody's night with lead confetti?

Then a pin drops.

“Spades” Giordino, a one-eyed gambler, two-fisted crook, and three-card monte impresario, just washed up on the boardwalk, stiff as a drink from the bottle that's still in his fist. His shyster lawyer says there's a will, which is a problem, because Ocean's is holding a whopper of a debt marker, but an untamed gambling house can't make a legal claim, and there are friends, those people you keep closer than friends, and bald faced liars popping out of the woodwork with IOUs for a wide and weird variety of odds, ends, and dead presidents that Johnny Law might or might not care to honor.

With all that in play, and folks wondering just what Spades spent so much of other people's borrowed bread on that he'd bother passing it on to anybody, there's bound to be a squabble or two about who's entitled to what. And it won't wait to be decided in any courtroom. A gangster’s office is his alleyway, and the gals around here all get their typewriters from Chicago. So, who wants to talk business?

Mod Note: As is more typical on a walkabout, there will only be two mod-posted mingles, an opening nightclub scene at Jaunt start, and the meeting in the lawyer's room about ten days out from jaunt close. Everything else, including what and whether your character is inheriting, are completely up to playerbase plotting and imagination.

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